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Roya Ghassemi is an Iraninan-German artist and women's rights activist. She conveys freedom and powerful emotions through art. Her female portraits and figures are set in magical and dreamlike spaces. Her art tells the story of her own inner journey and that of oppressed women around the world. The creative process of bringing her art to life allows for the clear translation of complex ideas that circle her mind. By making elegant and archetypal images of these ideas, she is able to transform and grow with each new artwork, while touching peoples’ lives in ways that bring mutual inspiration and joy. Always connected to nature, animals and the emotive power of color, her art depicts the soul’s journey to freedom in a deeply felt way that transcends words. 

Featured in digital and physical art galleries and exhibitions around the world, you can find Roya's art in exhibitions at the Miami Art Basel, Times Square NYC, Revolve Gallery Ashville, and NFT Liverpool in 2022.

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English - German - Persian/Farsi - Turkish - Azari - Arabic - Azerbaijani

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