Current Exhibitions


- Times Square Exhibition of r0yart's Art -

Roya was chosen to participate with some of the most well recognized names in NFT art at The Armory Contemporary Art Exhibition.

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This large curved screen is one of the most prominent in Times Square and features r0yart's artworks "GAIA" and "Royal Princess". GAIA was Roya's official World of Women collaboration, and Royal Princess recently sold at auction for over 7 eth.

This extra-wide curved screen in the center of Times Square features "GAIA" and "Royal Princess", as well as r0yart's SuperRare genesis artwork entitled "Freedom Found Her Spirit in Love" as well as one of her most iconic artworks: "Cari".


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- NFT Liverpool 2022 Has Just Concluded -

Roya as main curator and featured artist at NFT Liverpool 2022.

World of Women Museum

Roya's artwork "Hope Grows Everywhere" was purchased by the WoWFund and is currently on exhibition in the Metaverse with prominent placement in the 1st floor central gallery room inside The Sandbox. 

This artwork inspired the WoW team of art curators as it stands for women's rights and speaks to female empowerment, as the art's caption reads: "She wore her hope like a crown, an outspoken soliloquy of dreams."

r0yart is honored to be featured along with some of the space's most recognized artists in a way that speaks to her core mission of uplifting women around the world!

If you would like to visit the museum exhibition, you can download the metaverse client for The Sandbox and then navigate to the WoWFund Museum once inside.

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VINCI Airports Exhibition

Roya was selected as a leading woman in NFTs and women's rights activist to be featured in more than 20 airports around the world as part of an initiative by VINCI Airports to raise awareness for gender equality and showcase not only some of the most talented female artists of our times but also to highlight women in leadership positions in all industries.

The artwork selected was the 1/1 World of Women collaboration piece entitled "GAIA" which was the official Earth Tribe art collaboration for WoW's 6th Season. This artwork was minted on Foundation and continues to hold the record for the highest grossing art sale of any World of Women 1/1 art collaboration.

You can learn more about this exhibition by clicking here.

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Artemis Art Atelier

Roya's work entitled "Ajna {3}" was selected to be featured in the Artemis Gallery Exhibition in Valiasr, Shariati, Tabriz, Iran.

Artemis Art Atelier's mission is to educate the public about art and art history, with an eye on recognizing the greatest individual talents in the art world today. They seek out pristine works to go on display in their exhibition space in order to support the power of creativity and inspire new generations of artists.

This artwork was originally created as an NFT, and the collector who won it at auction received a signed print which is the artwork which was put on display in the Artemis Gallery.


Upcoming Exhibitions


(CURRENT) Times Square Art Exhibition

Roya recently was selected by the Art Innovation Gallery to be exhibited along with other innovators in digital art and NFTs at their upcoming exhibition on one of the main screens at Times Square. 

She is excited for some of her primary collectors to see the derivative artwork she has created to fit the ultra-wide LED, this will be a nostalgic piece that comprises some of her most iconic artworks from the past along with an exciting new Superrare  drop.

This exhibition will be cycled 24 hours a day from September 5th-11th, 2022. For more information regarding this presentation, please reach out to Roya by clicking here.

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Revolve Contemporary Art

Ashville, North Carolina, will be hosting some of r0yart's iconic artworks from the Bloom with Grace and Foundation collections in their contemporary art space. She will be amongst the first NFT artists to be featured in this progressive museum and gallery.

Her exhibition will take place during September and October of 2022, more information will be posted shortly on her social media accounts as the details are revealed to the artists and we are permitted to share.

If you will be traveling in Appalachia during these months and would like more information on this exhibition, please reach out here.

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Art Basel Miami 2022

Roya will be making her genesis appearance at Art Basel Miami in December of this year, and she couldn't be more excited! It has been a dream of hers to connect with so many talented artists and collectors at the Basel for many years.

Her artworks will be featured on one of the most unique exhibitions at Art Basel, presented floating off the shore of the busiest area on a colossal screen.

If you plan on attending the Miami Art Basel and would like to connect with Roya or learn more about finding her artwork, please reach out to her here or write to her on Twitter or Instagram.


Current Gallery Spaces


Sendrock Genesis Gallery

A collection of eight of Roya's digital NFT artworks have been curated into the Sendrock Genesis Gallery on Oncyber. This gallery stands out as having some of the most beautiful 1/1 NFT artworks related to personal and spiritual transformation and the quest for love. 

These artworks are featured alongside an impressive collection of blue chip 10k collection NFTs. One such room features all World of Women NFTs along with one artwork by r0yart, as Sendrock is known for being vocal about women's rights and equality, something he and Roya are both passionate about.

Each artwork is captioned with a story which elaborates the relationship had between the artist and the collector, who is a mentor and benefactor in various capacities in the space.


*    *    * Art Gallery

This acclaimed metaverse art gallery is owned by esteemed collector Bytesoil and features artworks from some of the most well-known artists in the NFT space. Three of Roya's artworks from the Foundation Collection are prominently displayed with "Nyx" being the largest in the gallery.

Bytesoil is currently in the process of creating a real-world art gallery near Frankfurt Germany where he will house physical representations of digital art on screens. Roya is currently in conversations with him regarding representations of some of her artworks in this space and more information will be available soon.


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The Mondoir Gallery

"A Warrior's Soul" by r0yart was selected by Mondoir Gallery curator Amir Soleymani to be represented in the Green Room, which showcases prominent Persian artists that are widely recognized in the NFT space today. 

The artworks on display in this area of the gallery tend to illustrate controversial subjects related to equality, oppression, and abuses of power, but often in a visually beautiful and unassuming way. This fit Roya's motif and the placement was made. 

Her showcased artwork is perpetual in this gallery space and may be viewed by following the link below:


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UnknownCollector's Body of Art Gallery

UnknownCollector is one of the great collectors of the most valuable NFT art in the world, and recently created a gallery which features r0yart's artwork entitled "Passion" amongst some of the most influential artworks by top artists in the space.

UnknownCollector describes this gallery in this way: "Our soul seeks to be free but lives within its limitations of the body. By creating art with the human body we allow it to elevate and become one with the unlimited soul. Here you find beautiful souls in all forms and shapes."


*    *    *

Mintface Spatial Art Gallery

Mintface was the first create a physical book chronicling the most successful early artists in the NFT industry during 2021. This book was sold as an NFT and the physical book marked the first time many NFT collectors received something tangible for purchasing an NFT.

Mintface has recently created a gallery space where he has hand selected a small number of the artists featured in the "MintedBook" from last year to celebrate the impact they've had in the space and also to take a look at how their art has grown in the last year.

Roya's artwork entitled "1nce 2he Saw't" is featured alongside many other incredible artworks in a serene setting amongst the clouds.



Upcoming Gallery Spaces


DigitalPath has selected r0yart to be featured in their upcoming gallery exhibition which will showcase artists whose art speaks to the mystical and transformative nature of the human consciousness. Artists selected span multiple continents and media formats, and their artworks can be seen in physical and digital galleries and exhibitions across the world.

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Roya's artworks have been selected as headlining art for the upcoming Inspiring Women Digital Art Exhibition. Artworks for this exhibition cover everything from GAN AI artworks to portraiture to abstract illustration, and these are some of the most influential and successful women artists currently in the NFT Space. 

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